Shungite Jewelry Collection

Why Shungite Jewelry is Loved So Much

Shungite jewelry looks exceptionally beautiful, elegant and graceful. Its glamorous black color and sheen makes it look different yet charming and stylish. Shungite is a lustrous non crystalline gemstone with black color. The stone provides protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation from electronic items like television, microwave ovens, cell-phones, laptops etc. This beautiful stone is considered very ancient, approximately two billion year sold. The stone is also revered for its amazing powers that are helpful in living a healthy life. Shungite is the only known natural element that possesses fullerenes. Fullerenes are actually very strong antioxidants.  

Important Facts Related to Shungite

The most admiring factor about this stone is that even scientists believe that it is a wonderful and marvelous stone. The stone does not only contain powerful anti-oxidants but is also helpful in cleaning and purifying water. Shungite’s elixir is quite advantageous to combat ailments like related to blood pressure, liver, allergies and kidneys. The stone is also used in many therapies for betterment of skin and hair.  

Important Sources for Shungite

Generally, Shungite is found in Russia. The other important sources for this stone include India, Austria, Kazakhstan and Congo.

Admirable Shungite Jewelry Styles

Shungite looks stunningly beautiful when worked into fine pieces of jewelry like pendants, necklaces, earrings etc. Its diaphaneity is opaque and it measures four in hardness on Moh's scale. Its jewelry is not found commonly. But one can avail the benefits of this stone by keeping even a piece of Shungite. You should always check for the authenticity when buying Shungite pieces from any retailer.

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