Oregon Sunstone Jewelry

Why to Fall in Love with Oregon Sunstone Jewelry?

Oregon sunstone is mainly revered for its leadership qualities. An incredible stone, Oregon Sunstone, is actually feldspar which exhibits beautiful colors including light shades of yellow, pink, the water clear color, dark red, deep blue, green and even brown. This variation in colors depends on the amount of copper particles found inside the Oregon Sunstone. The Oregon Sunstone jewelry displays a beautiful sunny sparkle that immediately captivates attention. Adorable and fashionable Oregon sunstone pendants, rings and necklaces definitely help enhance anyone’s beauty. 

Important Facts Related to Oregon Sunstone Jewelry

Oregon sunstone is believed to normalize and complement all body organs. It is also said and believed that this beautiful gemstone arouses self healing qualities. It helps combat stomach ailments and improves digestion too. It also helps instill optimism in its carrier. It promotes and develops leadership qualities and inspires acceptance of various responsibilities. The Oregon sunstone is also said to draw good luck in the life of its wearer.

Important Sources for Oregon Sunstone Jewelry  

This alluring gemstone is not found in abundance. The most renowned regions for this stone are in Norway. Apart from Norway, the other important sources for this stone include Madagascar, USA, Canada & India.

Exuberant Oregon Sunstone Jewelry Styles

Oregon sunstone gemstone, with colors like red, orange, yellow, blue and green look excellent, when set into fine jewelry pieces. The scintillating small spots on the surface of this stone enhance the beauty of attractive Oregon sunstone pendants, rings, necklaces and other jewelry forms. Mainly, this stone is found in non-transparent variety but some rarely found specimen can also be transparent. On Moh’s scale, the stone measures 6 to 6.5 in hardness. When this attractive gemstone is teamed up with other ornamental elements like white gold, yellow gold or diamond, it creates a lovely appearance.

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