Aventurine Jewelry

Why Aventurine Jewelry is Loved & Coveted So Much

Aventurine, a member of Quartz family looks very elegant and impressive when transformed into fine jewelry. This stone contains dazzling insertions of various minerals which make the stone gleam in a beautiful way. Commonly, Aventurine comes in alluring green shades but can also be found in other colors like blue, red, peach, yellow and dull purple.

Historical References for Aventurine

Aventurine is also widely known as “The Stone of Opportunity”. It is called so because it provides the opportunities of luck to its wearer. This is the reason, why numerous people love to carry Aventurine when trying their luck in the ‘luck-games’ like gambling, lottery etc. Apart from this, the beautiful Aventurine gemstone is also believed to attract wealth and affluence. The stone is also believed to contain certain important healing properties. It is said that green Aventurine is very helpful to combat heart ailments. Also, this green variety aids in the absorption of environmental pollution.

Important Sources for Aventurine

The significant sources for this gemstone include Brazil, India, Nepal, Italy, China, Tibet and Russia.

Trendy & Alluring Jewelry Styles of Aventurine

Aventurine jewelry looks magnificent and refreshing in its green hue. You can come across enthralling Aventurine jewelry in form of pendants, earrings, necklaces and many more other jewelry items. The stone is commonly semi-transparent but might look opaque when there are lots of minerals included in it. The elegant Aventurine looks even more beautiful when combined with other jewelry elements like silver, pearl etc. 

Splendid Craftsmanship by Gemexi

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Gemexi believes that jewels are not only elements to ornate. Rather, they are the companions for the lifetime as they remind of beautiful moments of life and make them memorable. Therefore, we help you get exquisite jewels that you may love and cherish forever! Take a look at our beautiful Aventurine jewelry and get ready to flaunt your beauty with this awesome stone!

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