Chiastolite Jewelry

Why People Love to Wear Chiastolite Jewelry

The name of Chiastolite comes from Chiastos which is a Greek word and means ‘cruciform’. It is called so because Chiastolite, a beautiful dark brown color stone, contains a black cross pattern naturally. This stone is valued a lot for its protective nature. beautiful jewelry is carved out of this opaque Chiastolite stone.

Significant Historical References & Amazing Powers of Chiastolite

Since ancient times, the Chiastolite stone is loved and respected as a sign of God because it possesses a black cross naturally in its structure. The stone is also regarded as a highly protective stone as it saves the wearer from any type of psychic attack. Chiastolite gemstone is also known as the Cross-stone and if found helpful in solving problems. It also provides comfort and eases to the wearer in case he suffers from some sort of illness. Those who wish to improve their creativity can also benefit from this brown beauty called Chiastolite.

Important Sources for Chiastolite  

The Hunan province in China is especially famous for the production of Chiastolite. However, the other important locations for the same include Australia, Spain, France, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Russia, Chile, Canada, and the USA.

Chiastolite Trendy Jewelry Styles

The diaphaneity of Chiastolite is opaque and its luster is vitreous. Therefore,  jewelry made out of this protective stone looks very unique and attractive. You can find chic and captivating Chiastolite pendants, Chiastolite earrings, Chiastolite bracelets and many more other jewelry forms with amazing designs. On Moh's scale, this stone measures 6.5 to 7.5 in hardness.  

Emphatic Craftsmanship by Gemexi

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