Petalite Rough Jewelry

Petalite rough was discovered centuries ago as historical evidence indicate that it was first mined sometime in the 1800s. Petalite rough is also known by the name cassiterite. It is one of the most important sources of lithium. Primarily a colorless stone, Petalite rough occurs in crystal form. Petalite rough jewelry is not uncommon and can be found in our store. Apart from being used in jewelry making, Petalite rough is also used in manufacturing glass-ceramic cookware. 

Meaning of Petalite Rough

Most evidence indicates that the word Petalite comes from the Greek word ‘leaf’ but what it really refers to is the cleavage of a stone that looks like a leaf.

Where Is Petalite Stone Mined

Petalite rough can be quite easily found in all parts of the world but it is notably mined from Sweden, USA (San Diego and North Bonneville), Brazil, Australia (Londonderry), Namibia, Myanmar, Afghanistan, and Russia. Though it is found in so many regions, gemologists and mineralogists are predicting that the sources of this mineral may exhaust in the near future. 

Healing Properties of Petalite Rough

While Petalite rough women’s jewelry looks excellent just as it is but there are several other reasons why you can wear these pretty crystals. Petalite rough is known for its exceptional healing properties. In fact, one of the reasons why this crystal is so popular is because it is believed Petalite Rough help in ward off evil spirits from around your surroundings. The gemstone is known to work as a potent weapon that helps ward off effects of black magic. Petalite rough is also believed to be a great initiator to the spiritual world as it helps a wearer feel connected to divinity. The stone also protects a wearer from negative energies that may surround you. Petalite rough also helps battle stressful situations and treat numerous physical ailments. 

Styles Galore With Patelite Rough

Whether you are looking for unique Petalite rough jewelry collection or want to explore silver jewelry with this gemstone, you can be assured that there are numerous style options for you to explore from. Whenever you decide to buy Petalite rough jewelry you can simply check out our amazing collection. The colorless stone can add chic and glamour to your accessories wardrobe as few other things can.

A promise of Excellent Craftsmanship

One of the major concerns customers have, when they shop online for jewelry products, is the quality. If you too are concerned about buying something without holding it in your hands, then you needn’t worry when shopping at Gemexi. We only source handmade silver jewelry that is meticulously hand-crafted by craftsmen who excel in their profession. You can check out our large Petalite Rough jewelry online and see evidence of excellent craftsmanship in every design. 

Assured Customer Service

Apart from promising that only the best silver jewelry items reach your doorstep, we also promote our customers unhindered pre-sale and after-sale service. You will find us online at all times so that you can chat with us to clear any doubts anytime. Our customer service executives are always available to help improve your shopping experience. 

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