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The evermore pride of the Turkish folks, Turquoise is an excellent gemstone that has been loved by connoisseurs for ages and before. Encapsulating the face of the endless waters on a sunny day, this greenish-blue gemstone adds a refreshing touch to every jewelry design that it adorns. With subtle, fickle black and golden veins of matrix running across the gemstone body like waves, Turquoise is nothing but a sweet memoir of the oceans, seas, and everything in between. No wonder why this gemstone is such a cult classic! 

Although it's tough to, if you move past its stunning appearance and take a look at its list of wonderful healing benefits of turquoise, you will be mesmerized even more. An incredible gemstone for casting away evil charms and spells, fostering healthy relationships, treating several illnesses, and more - behind the beautiful facade lies an incredible, versatile healer. 

As the legends said, a life without Turquoise jewelry is a life not fully lived. So come, let’s immerse into the entrancing world of Turquoise gemstone jewelry without further ado.

The Turquoise is one of those many gemstones that has been treasured by mankind. First found in the ravages of ancient Egypt, the trails of its lineage age back to tens of thousands of years, making it one of the oldest gemstones in history. According to popular Persian folklore, the Turquoise or “Ferozah” represented victory and portrayed the picture of the infinite sky! While for the ancient Romans and Greeks, this brilliant blue gemstone stood as an embodied symbol of Venus - the Goddess of Love and Romance. 

Unlike most other crystals and gemstones, Turquoise doesn’t come in a range of kaleidoscopic hues. As the name suggests, Turquoise exudes a single, signature shade of greenish-blue. Like thunderbolts, erratic golden lines are spread across this gemstone, adding to its intense, opaque demeanor. A telltale of excellent elegance and grace, it’s not new that Turquoise is a cherished possession of the regals and the royals. 

Where Is Turquoise Mined From?

Turquoise is a popular gemstone. From celebrities to the royal family - this splendid blue crystal has a place in the heart of everyone. But, where does its heart lie? Well, although today every jewelry store houses a range of real Turquoise jewelry, it is essentially sourced only from a few, selected regions. 

A charming heir of the desiccate regions, natural deposits of Turquoise are found in the dry regions of China, Iran, the southern part of the USA, and in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt. Mexico and Colorado also shelter some of this gemstone deep inside their lands. Yet, it’s the mines of Arizona and Nevada that are considered to produce the best quality, natural Turquoise gemstone blocks. 

Benefits Of Wearing Turquoise Stone Jewelry

Symbolizing the ever-significant values of wisdom, protection, knowledge, and tranquility - the Turquoise Jewelry and its benefits on the body, mind, and soul are downright incredible and unparalleled. Across different cultures of the world, the Turquoise gem is revered for being a healer and a protector.

For Physical Healing of Turquoise Jewelry;

  1. *    Cures and heals ailments related to the throat.
  2. *    Helps in strengthening the respiratory system.
  3. *    Contains superb anti-inflammatory properties.
  4. *    Increases the overall physical strength of your body. 
  5. *    Boosts immunity and keeps you from falling sick.

For Mental & Emotional Healing of Turquoise Jewelry;

  1. *    Helps alleviate anxiety and depression.
  2. *    Keeps stress and mental fatigue at bay.
  3. *    Allows you to feel calm and at peace.
  4. *    Removes negative thoughts and feelings.
  5. *    Helps you to declutter your mind. 

For Spiritual & Chakra Healing of Turquoise Jewelry;

  1. *    Opens and aligns the Throat Chakra.
  2. *    Sweeps away negative energy.
  3. *    Purifies your soul, removing all ill feelings.
  4. *    Keeps evil eyes and spells at bay.
  5. *    Strengthens your relationship with your partner. 

This is just a short summary of the countless benefits the Turquoise crystal possesses within. If you want to capitalize on them, wearing genuine Turquoise earrings, real Turquoise rings, Turquoise silver earrings, natural Royston ribbon turquoise silver ring, or other similar jewelry is the best way to do so. 

The Beauty Of Wholesale Turquoise Rings & Other Jewelry

When the brilliant appearance of the stunning blue Turquoise blends with its quintessential healing benefits, depriving oneself of its excellence seems like a crime. But beware - fake beads of Turquoise are found in plenty and we don’t want you to get befooled.

At Gemexi, we showcase a wide range of 100% raw and genuine Turquoise handpicked from the best of minds from across the globe and meticulously examined by our in-house team of experts. Framed into beautiful and exquisite jewelry designs, our Turquoise jewelry collection is nothing like you’ve ever seen.

So, don’t wait - glide through our exclusive collection of authentic Turquoise jewelry and pamper yourself with the beauty of authentic genuine Turquoise rings at wholesale and other jewelry, as much as you want to. 

Choose From A Wide Range Of Wholesale Sterling Silver Turquoise Jewelry At Gemexi

From petite, delicate Turquoise pendants to surreally designed Turquoise necklaces that ooze glam and glitz - at our store, we host a wide range of uniquely designed genuine Turquoise jewelry available at affordable prices! Whether you are looking for a Baguette cut or a sleek Pear shape - you name it and you have it. Not only this, but our Turquoise gemstone jewelry also comes in a range of themes like Chandelier, Crab, Angel Wings Fairy, and more! 

Here, check out some of our most-doted pieces from the exclusive Sterling Silver Turquoise Jewelry Collections:

In Genuine Wholesale Turquoise Ring Collection;

  1. *    925 Sterling Silver Green Turquoise Enamel Crab Ring
  2. *    925 Sterling Silver Blue Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Owl Ring
  3. *    925 Sterling Silver Original Turquoise Stone Ring
  4. *    925 Sterling Silver Royston Ribbon Turquoise Rings

In 925 Sterling Silver Turquoise Pendant Collections;

  1. *    925 Sterling Silver Blue Copper Turquoise Star Fish Pendant
  2. *    925 Sterling Silver Green Arizona Mojave Turquoise Holy Cross Pendant
  3. *    925 Sterling Silver Starfish Purple Copper Turquoise Silver Buddha Charm Pendant

In Best Turquoise Stone Bracelet Collections;

  1. *    925 Sterling Silver Adjustable Blue Heart Mojave Turquoise Bracelet
  2. *    925 Sterling Silver Natural Green Tibetan Turquoise Tennis Bracelet
  3. *    925 Sterling Silver Blue Arizona Mojave Turquoise Heart Bracelet

In Real Turquoise Necklace Collections;

  1. *    925 Sterling Silver Blue Copper Turquoise 3 Stone Necklace
  2. *    925 Sterling Silver Purple Copper Turquoise Crystal Necklace
  3. *    925 Sterling Silver Green Arizona Mojave Turquoise Baby Angel Necklace

In Natural Sterling Silver Turquoise Earrings Collections;

  1. *    925 Sterling Silver Blue Copper Turquoise Chandelier Earrings
  2. *    925 Sterling Silver Green Arizona Mojave Turquoise Butterfly Earrings
  3. *    925 Sterling Silver Blue Arizona Mojave Turquoise Stud Earrings

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