Hiddenite Jewelry

Love for Hiddenite jewelry 

When passed through the body, Hiddenite can prove to be quite a useful tool for revealing the areas of coldness, weakness and diseases. It may be used for radionics analysis too. It helps in boosting the power of essential oils, herbs, homeopathic remedies as well as hydrotherapy. It also helps in strengthening the circulatory-system as well as heart muscles and is quite helpful for treating neuralgia, pain in the joints as well as toothache.

This stone is known for enhancing the treatment of psychiatric diseases and depression. It also assists the body for recovering from any kind of emotional stress. It might also help in balancing hemispheres of brain, any imbalances in fluid and for easing hyper ventilation.

Hiddenite jewelry in history

Hiddenite got its name from W.E.Hidden who first found it in North Carolina in the year 1879. Hidden travelled towards North Carolina for finding platinum for the electrical light bulbs of Edison. Hidden leased out Warren Farms for mining emeralds and that was when he found Hiddenite. It is green variant of Spodumene.

Hiddenite source

The only source of actual Hiddenite gemstone is in North Carolina. Even though a few other forms of the Green variant of Spodumene that has known to be known as Hiddenite is found in Brazil and Afghanistan.

Hiddenite Jewelry style

Hiddenite is a rarely found gemstone which is not seen in jewelry usually. Because of its wonderful cleavage, this stone is set in a protective setting like bezel setting which helps in preventing the damage which is caused by sudden blow. Mostly, this stone is faceted just for gemstone as well as mineral collector’s showcases and displays. Even though its considered hard for enduring wearing in protected jewelry patterns, like pendants, earrings, brooches, pins, etc., daily wear like bracelets or rings is not suggested as it might fracture easily or even chip due to its cleavage.

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