March Birthstone Jewelry

Sparkling Aquamarine a birthstone of a March born people and is an incredible gem that holds the potential to transform the simple dress into a captivating outfit. Often, sassy souls, especially women had many jewelry pieces in their jewelry casket but did not find the right match to complement their outfit. Further, if you are desiderated to enhance your attraction in public then why not search the immense collection of Aquamarine jewelry at gemexi. The stylish, up-to-the-minute Aquamarine collection present at will complement almost every style you are willing to carry.

The birthstone of March, Aquamarine is an evocative gemstone of tropical lagoons. Contrasting Emerald that is acknowledged for its rich, beautiful opaque look, aquamarine with its transparent appearance that magnetize designers and jewelry lovers along with the collectors. The icy blue to the greenish blue hue of this alluring beryl in every shade perfectly matches with every eye color as well as complexion, making Aquamarine jewelry an ideal gift choice.

Know the charismatic gem of the sea, Aquamarine

Often assessed as one of the favorite gems of jewelry creators and lovers, Aquamarine is contemplated to embody the spirit of the ocean, thus known as the 'Gem of the Sea.' Delve into the profundity of this cool blue gem and you can virtually sense the secret beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. As per the legends, aquamarine is appraised as the 'Sailor's Stone' that is consecrated with the mystical powers associated with safety and security along with good luck and harmony. Thus, acknowledged as the perfect farewell gift, to be gifted to the loved ones. As a good luck stone, it is likewise desirable for pairs to strengthen wedding vows. Aquamarine engagement rings and wedding rings are thought to raise notions of trust and harmony. Likewise, beautiful aquamarine earrings and pendants make a bright option for bridal jewelry. The desirability of this alluring gem can be experienced for its availability in the majestic treasures of several European countries. Those who crave to wear aquamarine earrings can carry the inhalation from the Queen Elizabeth II aquamarine diamond earrings that she got at her coronation in 1953. Moreover, wearing beautiful aquamarine rings, necklaces, and pendants are the unique and stylish choice to radiate your charisma in the public. Aquamarine jewelry such as aquamarine rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces available at gemexi along with a fashionable choice is the best way to heighten your appeal. The unique craftsmanship of the gemexi designers proffers the vast collection for the chic.

How to Style Your Aquamarine Jewelry

Ranging from light to brilliant blue, every shade of aquamarine complements almost any skin or eye color. Furthermore, aquamarine jewelry such as earrings, necklace, rings, and pendants are exquisite to pair with neutral shades like black, white or light brown. The smooth blend of bluish hue in the gem nugget makes it all time favorite gemstones for women across the world. Women love to wear aquamarine studs as they are easy to wear and adds crispiness to the style.

Find the Right Aquamarine jewelry and Pair of Earrings

A neutral, but the most enthralling hue, Aqua blue can be combined with any color to heighten the charm of a wearing person. Whenever to wish to choose the right pair of earring or any other aquamarine jewelry, do not rush just go through the whole range of aquamarine collection present at the gemexi to match your personality and lifestyle. If you want aquamarine jewelry, you can regularly wear, anywhere and stay classic then opt for the beautiful aquamarine earrings or pendants. You can either chose solitaire studs in the round or princess shape or graceful, but attractive pendants for a simple and elegant look. You can also go for diamond halo studs for a spot of magnificence.

Importance of Metal

To flawlessly coordinate your aquamarine jewelry with an outfit, consider opting the right metal type. Multitudes often neglect this, but each metal gives its unique property that enhances the charisma of the wearing soul. You can choose aquamarine jewelry like earrings and other jewelry accessory in white gold for a mod feel. White, i.e., 925 sterling silver provides a timeless aspect that most required from fine jewelry.

Aquamarine is enough to showcase your sensuousness

While going through aquamarine selection, then remember one thing that less is most of the time more. If worn any aquamarine jewelry accessory then no need to do put extra effort to radiate your charm, aquamarine jewelry is enough to attract the attention of millions. For the hours of daylight, just pair simple aquamarine studs with a bracelet or aquamarine band. Instead of wearing too much jewelry accessory, stick around with one statement aquamarine jewel to show your excellence and modish style.

Shopping at Gemexi

Since there is ultramodern and unconventional aquamarine jewelry available at Gemexi, you can be sure to get fantastic discounts and deals throughout the yr. With 100% stone guarantee, there are easy returns as well as personalization. You can contact the customer support team of gemexi for further assistance and information about the gemstone quality, size, shape, and carat weight. The best thing to get your amethyst jewelry from gemexi is that you can enjoy direct sales as a company does not involve any middleman.


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