Dolomite Jewelry

Love for Dolomite jewelry 

Dolomite is a loving and energized crystal which helps in healing. You may offer this crystal to an individual who stays alone or to someone who is solitary kind of person. It’s even good for the people who are lacking resourcefulness and also have a fear to fail.

It helps in easing grief and also brings optimism in our lives. It activates and opens up the heart chakra and is an amazing crystal for introducing live in our lives and it also helps in nourishing as well as cherishing love which we have already. It eases sorrow and even helps us in seeing that each and everything in this life happens for one reason. That is why a lot of people prefer keeping it with them.

Dolomite jewelry in history

The mineral Dolomite was described first in the year 1768 by Carl Linnaeus. In the year 1778, the mineral was first described by Belsazar Hacqet who was an Austrian Naturalist as a striking stone. In the year 1791, the stone was described to be a rock by geologist and naturalist Deodat Gratet.

Dolomite source

There’re a lot of localities which produce fine specimens of Dolomite. Most of the locations are found in the regions that have a good quantity of the mineral all throughout this region. The most significant occurrence in Europe includes Navarra, Eugui, Spain, where the transparent and clear crystals are found. Certain other localities include Piedmont, Traversella, Italy, Wallis, Binn Tal, Switzerland, and Austria, Styria, Setiles, kapnik and Spain.

Dolomite Jewelry style

Dolomite is rarely found stone having distinctive birefringence as a carbonate but it’s quite soft as well as fragile.

Craftsmanship by Gemexi

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