Peridot Jewelry Collection

Why We Fall in Love with Peridot Jewelry

Peridot is a yellowish green to the lime green colored gemstone. This August birthstone looks amazingly beautiful when teamed up with other colors like crimson yellow, plain white, red and many more. Packed with awesome healing properties, the stone is believed to bring strength & command to its wearer.   

Some Important Historical Facts About Peridot

Peridot’s historical facts are mostly related to Egyptians & Romans. Egyptians address it as ‘Gem of the Sun’ while Romans kept the stone to stay fortified from fascination. The early Christians regarded Peridot as a holy stone. Even presently, the Catholic Bishops wear a Peridot ring that represents morality and piousness. Peridot gemstone was also considered as a great source of encouragement and prudence. 

Where is Peridot Sourced from

Gemexi is dedicated to integrity and high quality. Therefore we source our gemstones from authentic places only. Peridot, a gem variety of olivine, is found mainly in China, United States, Pakistan, Vietnam, and Burma. Conventionally, the best quality of these stones hail from Mogok (Burma). Presently, the peridot from Pakistan is also considered to be of great quality.  

The Versatility of Peridot Jewelry Style

The adaptability of the beautiful Peridot is also one of the reasons why the stone is cherished so much. It can be worked into charming rings, attractive bracelets, gorgeous necklaces and alluring earrings. The stone creates a mesmerizing look when combined with silver or gold.

Craftsmanship by Gemexi – Unlocking Possibilities of Unique Designs

Out-of-the-box imagination, dedication, and hard work! These are our three keys to perfect designs of jewelry. We treat gemstones like a child. We nourish them with perfect shapes and handle them with love and care so that they bloom into enthralling jewelry. 

Get Your Jewelry Personalized at Gemexi

Are you looking for a jewelry piece that meets your imagination? If yes, do check our collection. If you don’t get it there, talk to us and we will turn your dream jewel into a reality! Our bespoke service values the designs and expectations of our customers and helps them get what they want. 

Take a Look at Our Peridot Jewelry Collection

Be it incredibly beautiful Peridot bracelets, Peridot pendants, or Peridot earrings, we have them all! The peridot jewelry collection at Gemexi exhibits fresh designs with unmistakable vividness. We are sure that our Peridot jewelry collection will definitely help you accentuate your looks. So why not pick one for yourself, now!

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