Agni Manitite Jewelry


Agni Manitite is a recent discovery in the gemstone market. It is a blackish-greyish colored stone that has an enchanting appeal. The stone is believed to be a powerful healing stone as it helps transform a person’s spiritual bent of mind for the better. The stone is quite rare to find and thus highly valued. At Gemexi we know how valuable and priceless rare gemstones can be and that’s the reason we have hand-picked this unique Agni Manitite jewelry collection just to meet the demands of our jewelry and gemstone connoisseurs. 

Meaning of Agni Manitite

Currently mined only from the Indonesian archipelago, Agni Manitite derives its name from the Sanskrit word ‘Agni Mani’ which when translated to English means ‘ Pearl of the Divine Fire’. Mythological history indicates that this was the stone of Lord Krishna and was considered one of the Mani or jewels by God. Maybe because it has such ancient connections with Gods, Agni Manitite continues to evoke the Kundalini energies residing inside every human body. 

Where Is Agni Manitite Mined From 

Agni Manitite jewelry is not easy to find as the gemstone is very rare. Currently, it is known to be mined only from the Indonesian archipelago. This black, translucent colored stone is not believed to be found anywhere else. 

Healing Properties of Agni Manitite

It is not surprising that Agni Manitite is known for its exceptional healing properties. Anyone who understands the meaning of the stone will know that it has healing properties. Often called the stone of initiation, Agni Manitite helps a wearer feel energized so as to be able to do something spectacular in his life. The stone helps a person to transform his dreams into reality – into something potentially big. Agni Manitite is also known to awaken the spiritual side of a person and leads him towards the path of spiritual transformation. The stone pushes one forward towards acquiring inner peace. 

Lookout for New-Age Pendant Designs

It is not easy to find Agni Manitite women’s jewelry online. That’s because it is so rare. But we are proud to say that we have quite a collection of sterling silver pendants that are made using this beautiful stone. If you browse below you will find quite an enviable collection and if you want to buy Agni Manitite jewelry this is just the place for you. Apart from bringing you a rare gemstone in the form of pendants, we also give you the assurance that each jewelry item is hand-crafted by artisans who have been in the jewelry business for decades, if not generations. We craft our jewelry items using only sterling silver that is the best quality silver that should ideally be used for jewelry making.

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In case you are not satisfied with what we have and want to know more about Agni Manitite jewelry online, then talk to our customer care executives who are always there to help you. From helping you know more about this particular gemstone to advising you on your jewelry purchases, our customer care executives will answer all your queries. 

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