Blue Anhydrite Jewelry

Blue Anhydrite- A Brief Introduction

Blue Anhydrite is also popularly known as Angelite. The milky blue and bluish white shade of blue Anhydrite looks eye-catching. The stone looks even more arresting when worked into fine jewelry. It contains amazing healing powers and metaphysical properties too. The Angelite or Blue Anhydrite got formed as a consequence of celestite that remained compressed for a great period of time. The amazingly lovely looking Blue Anhydrite displays unique orthorhombic crystal system and has a hardness of 3.5 on Mohs scale. The luster of Blue Anhydrite is considered vitreous/pearly to greasy in appearance. Few crystals my show shimmer while others get a shining effect after going through the heating procedure. 

Blue Anhydrite– Few Significant Historical Facts

Let us first talk about Anhydrite! It was discovered in the year 1794. The name ‘Anhydrite’ was given by A.G. Werner as the newly discovered treasure lacked water crystallization. This is the reason why it is often suggested not to wear anhydrite or even Angelite in water as it simply gets transformed into gypsum when exposed to water. Angelite, a popular variety of Anhydrite was discovered in 1987 at Peru during the Harmonic Convergence. 

Where is Blue Anhydrite Found?

The main localities for Blue Anhydrite include Peru, Egypt, Germany, Mexico, Libya, Poland, and Britain. 

Beautiful & Popular Styles of Blue Anhydrite Jewelry 

The amazingly captivating milky blue hue of Blue Anhydrite looks great in form of jewelry. Keep it around you in form of fashionable chunky earring or wear it in form of simple and smart studs. Wear it as a necklace or pendant to beautify your neck and to give voice to your thoughts and ideas as Blue Anhydrite is believed to improve the wearer’s communication and power of expression. The stone is believed to provide lovely soothing energy and so most of the times; it is advised to keep it around your head. Hence, you can wear it as a lovely pendant, earrings or necklace. However, it is also found in form of rings and bracelets.

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