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Tourmaline Jewelry Collection

Why Tourmaline Jewelry is Loved So Much?

When cut and polished, the tourmaline gems turn up into an even more beautiful form, the glamorous and colorful jewelry. The main reason for its love and popularity lies in its attribute of the wide array of colors. Yes! Tourmaline gemstone comes in various beautiful colors like red, green, blue, yellow, and many more. Also, this awesome gem shows different colors when seen in different lights like sunlight or artificial light.    

Significant Historical References for Tourmaline Gemstone

Tourmaline derives its name from the Singhalese words 'tura mali'. It means a stone with mixed colors. According to an Egyptian legend, this gemstone covered a long journey from the mid of Earth to our planet’s surface. On its way up, the tourmaline passed over a rainbow also. Hence, it acquired all the beautiful colors of the rainbow. This is also the reason, why this beautiful gemstone is also known as the “gemstone of the rainbow”.

Important Sources for Tourmaline

These colorful gems known as tourmalines can be found all across the world. Some of the important sources for this gemstone include Brazil, Sri Lanka, South West Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Pakistan, Madagascar, Pakistan, and the USA. Brazil is famous for its Watermelon tourmaline while the pink tourmaline is mainly sourced from Afghanistan and also, Brazil again.

Highly Appealing Tourmaline Jewelry Styles

Tourmaline stone comes in a wide variety of colors and the Tourmaline silver jewelry is worked into exotic pieces like pendants, earrings, rings, etc. The best part of this jewelry is that you can pick up any color as per your taste or mood. If you want to look lively and energetic go for yellow tourmaline or pick pink, if feeling love in the air! 

Expert Craftsmanship by Gemexi

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