Tourmaline In Quartz Jewelry

Tourmaline in quartz is an enchanting combination gemstone that shines, sparkles and scintillates – all at the same time. Typically this gemstone exhibits the properties of both tourmaline and quartz crystal and hence the name. Apart from being a powerful metaphysical stone, tourmaline in quartz is really a beautiful stone that shines as a jewelry piece. You will find a variety of tourmaline in quartz jewelry especially in the form of pendants and rings on our website. This gemstone is found in numerous colors such as pink, blue, red, yellow, emerald green, neon blue, lime green, and bluish black. In fact, tourmaline in quartz is one of the few gemstones that is found in so many colors. 

Meaning of Tourmaline in Quartz

Tourmaline was first discovered by the Dutch off the Western coast of Italy in the late 1600s or early 1700s. It is believed that tourmaline got its name from the Sinhalese term ‘turmali’ which was given by the natives of Sri Lanka to colored crystals that were found in the island country at that time. It must be understood that the Sinhalese term was an all-inclusive name which didn’t differentiate gemstones based on properties.

Where Is Tourmaline in Quartz Mined From

If you too wonder whenever you see tourmaline In quartz women's jewelry on our store about its origin, we are here to tell it to you. Mostly it is mined from USA, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Siberia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mozambique, Madagascar, Africa, Kenya, Brazil, Australia, and Afghanistan. 

Healing Properties of Tourmaline in Quartz

You will find several significant changes in your life when you keep tourmaline in quartz close to you. It is known to make the nervous system stronger and cure migraines to a large extent. The stone is also known to boost one’s physical stamina and vitality. Tourmaline in quartz is also known to help improve your wealth and assets. The stone can improve your business sense so that you can succeed far easily. 

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You can easily find a lot of tourmaline in quartz jewelry online but you will not like everything you see. But things are a little different here at Gemexi. Not only do we have selected but supreme jewelry listed on our website but we continuously work to meet the changing demands of our customers. You will find a really unique tourmaline in quartz pendants collection on our store that you simply cannot miss. 

Assurance of Excellent Craftsmanship

When we say that we have the best craftsmen working with us, we are not boasting – we really do. Jaipur is known for its excellent silver jewelry most of which are hand made by generations of craftsmen. We work in collaboration with these local craftsmen who know how to keep traditions alive but also understand the significance of modernity. So next time we want to buy tourmaline in quartz jewelry, you know where to head to. Also, keep watching for exciting offers!

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