Charoite Jewelry

Love Charoite Jewelry for its Beautiful Color

Charoite jewelry derives its name from the ‘Charo’ River Valley in the former the Soviet Union. Charoite gemstone exhibits a very distinguished color. The gemstone is actually a rock that consists of few minerals, including, even the Charoite. The beautiful shades of Charoite may range from lilac and lavender to violet and purple. These colors look very gentle and appealing in the form of a gemstone.

Important Historical Facts Related to Charoite

This beautiful lilac purple beauty was discovered in the 1940s. It became known to the entire world in 1978. The gemstone derives its name from Charo River Valley. In the Russian language, the term Chary means magic. The gemstone definitely encompasses a magical beauty in it and hence justifies its name! It is said that Charoite jewelry creates an unusual blend between Heart & Crown chakras. It inspires the wearer to serve mankind. The stone is also believed to improve logical capabilities.  

Sources For Charoite  

Charoite jewelry is a rare silicate mineral. To date, this purple gemstone has been discovered from the Sakha Republic, Yakutia, Siberia, Russia. The stone has gained popularity in the form of beautiful jewelry. 

Try Pleasing Charoite Jewelry Styles

Have you yet tried a Charoite jewel? If not, try it! Available in translucent to opaque form, this gemstone attracts immediately with its beautiful hue. This gemstone can be worked into lovely Charoite necklaces, Charoite pendants, Charoite rings, Charoite bracelets, etc. It is comparatively soft to be used in bracelets and rings. 

Dazzling Designs in Charoite - Craftsmanship by Gemexi

At Gemexi, the Charoite jewelry is available in excellent patterns, appealing hues, great gleam, and attractive shapes. From seahorse pendants to crab charm pendants and from beautiful oval shapes to elegant square shapes, you find Charoite in various styles at Gemexi.

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Do you want to get your jewelry customized? Tell us and we will help you! Gemexi has got a wide customer service that is always ready to help its customers in the customization process of jewelry.

Explore the World of Charoite Jewelry Collection at Gemexi

Gemexi has got a beautiful Charoite Silver Jewelry Collection. Our designs range from modish fashionable patterns to traditional aesthetic ones. Our Charoite bracelets, pendants and rings look classic and glamorous. When this gemstone is teamed up with sterling silver, the blend makes Charoite look even more dominant. You can notice the same in our Charoite jewelry collection. 

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