Precious Stones

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The five gemstones which are classified as the precious gemstones – Emerald, Tanzanite, Diamond, Ruby, and Sapphire are the most popular gems in the world. Traditionally, precious gemstones are extremely valuable, because they consist of an additional impression of various powerful properties. Large gemstones with beautiful colors and different particulars are rare and very expensive. Here is a wide range of precious gemstones and their comprehensive details such as their healing and emotional properties that can help you, their substantial information, their color, their hardness that will gain your interest, their scarcity, their physical details and much more. The list of various precious gemstones in the world and their historical and cultural information, names and meanings, birthstones facts, healing and mind-enhancing powers of precious gems are here to navigate.

Precious Stones List

  • Agni Manitite

    Agni Manitite

    It is time for you to grab this gemstone all for yourself. Since, the Agni Manitite stones are now incorporated into some pieces of jewelry – having one piece will also serve the purpose. There is no standard color pattern of this stone and so, sometimes they vary in color. They appear to be light and opaque and sometimes, dark and rough. Whatever might be the color and pattern, its power is always the same. 

    If you already have a piece of Agni Manitite gemstone in some form be it a raw form or a piece of jewelry, save it, since studies show that these have become rare due to the limited availability. Lucky, are you if you have one saved for yourself!  

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  • Agua Nueva Agate

    Agua Nueva Agate

    Get the lovely agua Nueva agate and see the positive changes in your life!

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    Anatase crystal is an excellent remedy to encounter new sort of situations. In general, many people when facing new situations lose focus and reach a state out of balance, and they find it hard to face the situation. When you possess Anatase crystals, you will have a tremendous amount of positive energy. You feel confident about yourself. All the trouble making things and people will leave you, and you will feel relaxed because all the worries are gone. Whether you wear them by getting them studded in jewelry or you wish to carry them in your pocket or wallet, you will reap the benefits of the gemstone. If you are planning to relocate to a new place, where everything might be new, your workplace, your kids’ schools, a brand new set of people or circumstances confront you. By bringing home Anatase crystals, all the issues will vanish. 

    These crystals are greatly recommended when you find yourself unable to go in sync with the situation as a whole. You have the option to wear the crystals in your jewelry. Or, you can carry them loose, in your wallet. Buy them from a reliable seller. You can drop in at different sellers and check the prices, varieties, size, etc. Look for them on the Internet to know the stores in your area. The best thing is you can order them from your home itself without going to the brick and mortar shop. Buy Anatase crystals separately instead of buying them in jewelry. Buying them separately will enable you to get a greater variety as per your personal choice. You will also have the option concerning the size of the crystals. Thus, buying the crystals separately is a smarter decision than buying in jewelry. 

    Buying Anatase crystals is a decision that is because of solely your wisdom. The price that you buy them at may not make you overlook the benefits. These are one of the most sought-after gemstones not only among gem enthusiasts bust users in general as well. If you are fascinated by the beauty of gemstones, you should go to buy these crystals for sure. They will open a new chapter in your life. Your troubles in career, business, relationship, health will vanish. You will have a brand new experience. You will have a better grasp of life, and therefore, you are more explicit in your perspective. All this will lead to great success in every walk in your life. 


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  • Ancestralite


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    Angel Phantom Quartz

    You can experience the world held within this crystal since the moment you start using it. It can hold memories of specific life events. It can contain different inclusions according to which the color of the crystal varies. The inclusions resemble the wings of an Angel. It has strong connections with the divine realm and can bring about clarity, love, and joy. It makes you aware of your best Inner strengths. You will never feel lonely as there will be an Angel accompanying and guiding you. You just have to call your Angel for help, and it will help you. This gemstone is a messenger of hope, faith, and love and it reminds you that you are very much loved.

    So you must choose the best combination of inclusions and other supporting stones and bring positive vibes in your life. Make sure to buy authentic crystal and take professional guidance in setting your intentions in the crystal. This will surely lead you to success in your personal and professional life.

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  • Aquatine Lemurian Calcite

    Aquatine Lemurian Calcite

    You can use any type of crystals or stones to those whom you feel drawn to and you can use them ultimately the same way. You need to know that each stone of our mother Earth has different frequency and every gemstone or crystals should be used accordingly. Aquatine Lemurian's gemstones are extremely high frequency and should not be worn on the body when it is not in use. It is best that do not let others use your Lemurian, because you will be needed to re-align it to yourself when others touch it. There are many beautiful resources on our mother earth. Lemurian is the best of them all. Please use them to the fullest of your lives.

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  • arrowheads quartz

    Arrowheads Quartz

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  • Asteroid Jasper

    Asteroid Jasper

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  • Auralite 23 Crystal

    Auralite 23 Crystal

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  • azurite malachite

    Azurite Malachite

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  • banded oil shale

    Banded Oil Shale

    We believe that the above information about the banded oil shale must have definitely created an urge in you for buying this beautiful gift of nature. The best part is that you can use and wear the banded oil shale in the form of amazingly stunning jewelry. Thus, wear and flaunt the Banded Oil Shale jewelry and enjoy the goodness hidden in this nature’s treasure!

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  • Bauxite


    It is time to get the much need issues in life under your control with bauxite gemstone. Get in the divine touch by energizing your soul when it comes in touch with bauxite gemstone. It set away from all the negativity from your life. 

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  • Beta Quartz

    Beta Quartz

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  • Black Feather Medicine Bow Agate

    Black Feather Medicine Bow Agate

    Use the beautiful and powerful Black feather medicine bow agate to improve your focus, strengthen your memory and to recognize your true strengths. 

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  • Blue Copper Slag

    Blue Copper Slag

    Use the wonderful capabilities and powers of Blue Copper Slag and get rid of all the negativity and block with this beautiful stone. 

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  • Blue Quartz Palm Stone

    Blue Quartz Palm Stone

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  • Blue Scheelite

    Blue Scheelite

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    Enjoy the lovely colors of Cavansite. Use this amazing stone to bring optimism and joy in your life. Good luck!

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  • Celestobarite


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  • Color Change Apatite

    Color Change Apatite

    You must all be super fascinated with all the properties and the beauty of the apatite gemstone. Grab your favorite pieces of jewelry made out of this stone, today.

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  • Colus Fossil

    Colus Fossil

    Check out the wide range of Colus Fossil jewelry and pick a beautiful piece to enjoy all the associated properties of this beautiful item.

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  • Cotham Landscape Marble

    Cotham Landscape Marble

    Bring Cotham Landscape Marble to your home and enhance the level of happiness and success in your life!

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  • dalmatian


    Dalmatian stone is a beautiful gift of nature. You can use it to resolve various issues in your life. Most importantly, you can use the stone to stay happy and carefree. Hence, use this amazingly lovely stone for yourself or for your loved ones to enhance happiness as well as the quality of life!


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  • desert rose druzy

    Desert Rose Druzy

    You can enjoy the benefits of Desert Rose Druzy stone by wearing a beautiful jewelry made from this dazzling stone. Enjoy its beauty as well as the healing properties. 

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    Diamond Rough

    Include rough diamonds in your life and enjoy the immense and unparalleled beauty as well as the astonishing properties.

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    Elestial Quartz

    Elestial Quartz is an excellent source of spiritual energy in the form of high vibration. They are the best gemstones, as the name itself suggests. It will bring all the spiritual energy aplenty. By getting spiritual energy, you can win all the hurdles challenges in life and can lead an easy-going experience. With the use of this gemstone, you can reduce the pains that occur as a result of physical, mental, emotional and or spiritual way.
    These crystals possess a high vibration in the spiritual realms and will aid in getting greater spiritual good for all. By having Elestial quartz with you will do a great help not only your but those around yourself as well. It will help you get the best result from all the pursuits. These crystals are in use for a long time, and they help you reach a higher state of spiritual attainment. The stone can help you get a good connection to your spirit with the angelic world.

    These crystals will bring your considerable amount of spiritual energy in its wake. You will benefit from the gemstone immensely. It is a great tool to get rid of all the negative forces, vibrations and will enable you to to get a significant amount of energy will help you bring you the best out of the existing sources. Whether it is your family, kids, or anyone seems to be under the influence of negative energy; you need to get Elestial quartz. The gemstone is very useful. If you are not comfortable to wear it in jewelry and not like to carry in other modes, you can keep it in your home in a corner. The place should be clean and refreshing, which will bring you the best results. It will also destroy all the negative attributes in you and make your personality sign with all positive attributes.

    When it comes to spiritual affairs, the role of Elestial quartz is of supreme quality. You can positively influence your emotions. Thus, you will tend to do good for others. You will never think of doing anything that could harm you; the gemstone will work as just an interface between you and the next world – the world of Angels. You will get all the qualities that are essential to make the essence of humanity. You need to wear the gemstone. Elestial quartz seems to be the best when you are looking for peace of mind. You can get the peace of mind when you think of doing positive things; you execute positive thoughts, and speak and stay with your values. It is essential to living up to the values you appreciate. For this all, you need to exercise the necessary goodwill, clarity of thought, sanity, and patience. All this are essential in life to lead a meaningful life. In this context, meaningfulness is necessary. It is because it is the deep sense of meaning that brings the life its objective, and the means to achieve it. It is for this that we need to lead a continuous struggle each day in all the sections of the society.  

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  • fairy stone

    Fairy Stone

    Just in case, you are looking for all these things in your life, immediately get your fairy stone hope. It is time to get harmony and balance between the base and the sacred chakras. 


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  • Fordite


    The patterns on the Fordite gemstone is one thing that will attract anyone just like that. The market today has many pieces of jewelry made out of the Fordite gemstones. 

    Though, not all of them are made of Fordite – it is easy to identify the ones that are artificially made by the jewelry makers. 

    The Fordite gemstone jewelry might cost you a bit heavy on the pocket since it takes a lot in polishing, cutting and making jewelry. Finally, you will feel it is worth every penny. 

    So, if you are in plans to get home a piece of the Fordite gemstone jewelry home, invest on the ones that are made out of the original slag over the ones that are made artificially.

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  • Garnet in Limestone

    Garnet In Limestone

    Quality garnet in limestones are usually in thickness around 1 to 1.5 cm. In order to get the desired results, it is important to invest in the best quality of the stone. They might cost you a bit heavy on the pocket, but all is fair in the level of contentment that you feel later on. 

    Use Garnet in Limestone to change your life positively! 

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  • Gem Silica

    Gem Silica

    Thus, on the final note, the gem silica gemstone is found to be beneficial for people that are looking for help in various aspects of their life. It also used in making beautiful pieces of jewelry for the reason of its hardness. The hardness of this gemstone is scaled at 7 which make it quite hard and resistant to any kind of physical damage. Regular maintenance and cleaning is proved to be helpful since it makes the gemstone last for long.

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  • Grandidierite


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    Grape Chalcedony

    Crystal Communication of Grape Agate

    You will see the crystal communication by Kristi hugs which is channeling specifically for Stitches and Stones. It is stating that I am representing the soul group which is the spiritual family who is supporting you from the universe. This is for those who have made the decisions of incarnate from you. They are sharing there lessons and experiences in the physical realm. You have to know that you are not alone ever. You are always supported by love. 

    There are time comes when you will feel that you are alone. But that is not the case. The experience, decision or lesson always has choices. It is good to talk it out and start looking for the signs. We are always here for supporting you and to guide you at the appropriate times. We are not making any decision for you. You have to understand this. 

    Grape Agate is carrying the energy of wisdom and spiritual growth. There is the various answer in this magnificent piece. It is the key which will unlock the answers to all which you are seeking. It will remind you that they are not out there. You had all them along. The energy of Grape Agate is encouraging to trust and accept without question. All the answers and the information and the pieces of the puzzle which you are seeking are present there. The main message id trust, don't doubt. Don't do any question on what you are seeing, hearing and feeling. Give them thanks for the message, encouragement and the information which you will receive and Gratitude for the inner self. More you will do this, more acknowledge you will make, the more information is been received by you.  

    If you are related to some arts like musician, singer, the artist, then purple agate will help you in connecting to the inner inspiration. If you are related to some cause or the group they always work with purple color agate which will inspire others and then momentum is building. 


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  • Grass Garnet

    Grass Garnet

    You too can enjoy and experience the effective healing results of Grass Garnet. All you need to do is to find a beautiful piece of jewelry made of Grass Garnet! Enjoy the wonderful jewel as well as the significant healing benefits of Grass Garnet. 

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  • half star rutile

    Half Star Rutile

    Add Half Star Rutile in your life and enjoy the benefits associated with it!


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  • Lepidocrocite


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  • Marcasite In Quartz

    Marcasite In Quartz

    The beautiful looking Marcasite stone as well the stunning jewelry made out of it are easily available online. You just need to find out the reputed and reliable online destinations in order to buy them and enjoy their healing powers.

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  • Moroccan Seam Agate

    Moroccan Seam Agate

    Get a vibrant look with Moroccon Seam Agate and enjoy the advantages associated with the same!

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  • Muscovite


    Muscovite can help in regulating the sugar levels in blood and is a good crystals for those who are having diabetes. You can use this crystal for issues which involve the pancreas and kidneys. Muscovite is also very helpful in insomnia. When you want to invite the spiritual and elemental creatures for living with you in your garden then you can make use of this stone for contact with them during meditation using the crystals. It is also helpful in reducing the side effects from the Rapid Psychic Awakening. It is also helpful in keeping peace in your body. These crystals are powerful birthstones and it is very easy to buy jewelry which is made from it. 


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  • Petalite


    Below quartz in hardness and with perfect cleavage, Petalite gemstones are mostly suited for earrings and pendants. These jewelry pieces get the less physical impact. But it is sure that it impacts on your life with much positivity which attracts many people. Avoid using ring without a protective setting; Store your Petalite gemstones separately from other harder gems to avoid scratching because they are so sensible.

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    Petalite Rough

    Petalite is divine energy delivering gemstone when you wear it. It will bring you the best results in all walks of life. Petalite is a gemstone that can offer the best experience when it comes to delivering energy to the self. The gemstone was widely used as a powerful object that can bring good luck by dispelling the fear of bad luck. Petalite is ideal if you are looking for a way of salvation.

    When it comes to the size of the gemstone, it is found in small size crystals. However, if you wish to get them in the larger size, you need to choose it correctly. If you like to treat your maniac kid and banish the evil spirit, Petalite will help you for sure. It will be a great boon as a dishwasher in bringing all the good that your kids and family deserve. 


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    Pink Conch Shell Pearls

    The conch shell pearls are quite precious and rare and have great physical and mental healing properties. The reason for the increasing popularity of these pearls is because they are not cultured and occur naturally. But as these pearls are rare they are often highly-priced. If you are having issues with pregnancy or want to broaden your horizons in personal or professional life, then this is the best gemstone to possess and use while meditation.  You can find an excellent range of pink conch shell pearls jewelry online. The wide and unique pink conch shell pearls jewelry collection will help you find your dream jewel!

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  • Plume Agate

    Plume Agate

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  • Pollucite


    To make life and other aspects of life easier and less complex, the ancients have bought in various gemstones into play. Right from the times immemorial, people are known to wear gems that best suits their need and got things settled in place. One such wonderful gemstone is the ‘Pollucite’ which is best known to remove completely the physical toxins away from the body. 

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  • Poppy Jasper

    Poppy Jasper

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    Rainbow Hickoryite

    Gemstones play pivotal roles in a lot of aspects in one’s life. Rainbow Hickoryite also has come with a lot of incredible benefits to make one prepare for the race of life. You’re now familiar with a lot of amazing aspects of Rainbow Hickoryite. Different types of jewelry pieces of Rainbow Hickoryite are available. So, it’s high time to find out some awe-inspiring Rainbow Hickoryite jewelry pieces for you, such as rainbow hickoryite pendant, etc and purchase today. 

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  • Roman Coins

    Roman Coins

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  • Roman Glass

    Roman Glass

    While the search for healing properties of Roman Glass continues, one thing can be said with certainty. When you wear the jewelry made of Roman Glass, you look exceptionally beautiful as Roman Glass is full of brilliant beauty and attraction that gets reflected in form of stunning aqua blue color! 

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    Rose Chalcedony

    One of the most important points to include in this section is the exceptional healing properties of Chalcedony Rose. It helps you in ill-health, calms you when you are emotionally anxious or confused, helps you to get assertive without being aggressive thus balancing all the emotions and aspects in life. Thus, Chalcedony Rose brings you a balanced and optimal life winning over all the hurdles encountered. Whether you live in the United States, Europe, Asia or Africa, Chalcedony Rose is likely to bring you the best fortune in its wake. It is reliable and has helped many people in real life in winning the hurdles that confront you as you keep on going in your life. So, it is time to go to the gemstone shop and choose the best one. 

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  • Strawberry Quartz

    Strawberry Quartz

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  • Swiss Opal Green

    Swiss Opal Green

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    Tangerine Lemurian Quartz

    Tangerine Lemurian quartz is a gemstone that is quite often sought-after because of its ability to influence you as a whole. It will bring amazing changes in your life by positively altering you physically, emotionally, and spiritually for sure. As a tool of healing, it is among the best in curing such killing conditions such as AIDS. Further, if you lack procreative power, then you need this gemstone. Thus, it is not only lifesaving but also boosts the quality of it. Many people are confused because of the numerous and diverse challenges that confront them. All of them can be addressed using this gemstone.

    The gemstone will banish all the evils originating in the past, present as well as future. It will shape you as an individual who could survive all the situations regardless of pressure or challenges. The troubles that pester you today are likely to go. The gemstone will bring positive changes in your outlook, personality and you will be sympathetic and considerate to all that confront. 

    If you wish to change your luck favourably and bring out the best but are unable to find a way, Tangerine Lemurian quartz will show you the right direction. You can go ahead without question as for its effectiveness in settling all the issues. It is an effective way to fight the various aspects in a planned way. It is here the gemstone will show you the light. For many ages, the stone has been found to be useful in bringing out the best solutions for the issues that often confront life in general. Whether it is your kid’s learning, your kids being bullied, being in the influence of illicit substances (drugs, alcohol, etc.), the loss in your business, embittered relationships, the evil power of friends that are really not friends, and others who are planning a plot to result in your downfall. In all such situations, Tangerine Lemurian quartz will help you the best. You can wear the gemstone in your jewellery you like most. It will bring you the desired result soon. The best part is all your friends will be amazed to find the positive results and may feel interested to know about it. What is happening? All you need to do is see a great dealer of gemstones in your area. Buy them loose rather than in the form of jewellery. You will get great value for your money in such a case. 

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    Use the stunning Tektite stones that invite luck to your life and enhance emotional as well as physical healing.

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    Tourmaline In Quartz

    There are many colours in which Tourmaline in quartz is available and is one of the best gemstones too. It will bring in the positive vibration and energy that will fill you with all the joy and happiness. Tourmaline is a gemstone treasured by many gemstone collectors. It is one of the most beautiful gemstones coming in several colors. 

    Tourmaline in quartz is a great gemstone that transports you and your family with high energy. You will be able to confront the real challenges of life and will feel confident about yourself and will be ready to face more problems now. 

    So when you are going to buy the gemstone, visit a reliable seller in your locality. It is better to go to a seller that is recognized and one that offers standard gemstones as per rules of relevant professional bodies. Do a little research. If you wish, you can take the help of word of mouth from your family, friends, and colleagues and so on. 

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  • Tree Agate

    Tree Agate

    How to take out the best out of tree agate?

    To extract the best results out of tree agate one should meditate with it. Apart from meditating there are several other ways also which can give the best results. The person should carry a piece of tree agate in the wallet. They can also put it in the night stand so that the healing and protective properties of tree agate remain close to your aura. When the tree agate is around you it boosts the health of your plants which makes the environment peaceful and brings in the positive energy. One should understand that by harnessing the properties and energies of the tree agate the person possessing the tree agate will be more balanced in life. Combination of tree agate with several other stones also yields best results as it makes the crystal more powerful.


    After reading the properties of the tree agate, one gets to understand that tree agate makes you feel more connected to the nature. It helps the person in communicating with the nature. It brings peace not only within you but in your surroundings also. This stone removes the blockages which prevent the free flow of energies into you. By removing the blockages the stone helps you to open to the flow of wealth and abundance. This stone will prove beneficial in making you more preserving and patient. It removes the arrogance, makes you more humble and full of gratitude. The properties of the stone make your heart gentle. It makes you more stable, mature and composed.

    Also, by carrying tree agate you will feel more confidence and there will be sense of security in you. It makes you feel happy and strengthens your relationship as well as boosts your self-esteem. The calm energies of tree agate help in emotional healing too.

    It keeps you focused towards the positive energy by removing the negative energy from around you in all aspects especially as far as relationships are concerned. It infuses love in your heart and gives a different feeling of happiness, inspiration and satisfaction.

    Usage of tree agate also helps in easing out the relationship problems with the children. In true sense, the tree agate is quiet, simple yet magical.

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    Untreated Blue Topaz

    It is a powerful healing stone that can bring positive vibes in the life of the wearer. You can combine it with other stones to get the desired effect. If you want to gain self-confidence and improve your communication skills, then this is the perfect stone for you. It teaches that on the path of honesty one can get success by telling the truth. It can cure various mental and physical ailments especially those associated with vision, throat, and stress. It is known to be associated with divinity and has cultural and spiritual importance in many countries and religion. So keep negative energies and bad health away from yourself and choose the best blue topaz for yourself.

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