Precious Stones

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The five gemstones which are classified as the precious gemstones – Emerald, Tanzanite, Diamond, Ruby, and Sapphire are the most popular gems in the world. Traditionally, precious gemstones are extremely valuable, because they consist of an additional impression of various powerful properties. Large gemstones with beautiful colors and different particulars are rare and very expensive. Here is a wide range of precious gemstones and their comprehensive details such as their healing and emotional properties that can help you, their substantial information, their color, their hardness that will gain your interest, their scarcity, their physical details and much more. The list of various precious gemstones in the world and their historical and cultural information, names and meanings, birthstones facts, healing and mind-enhancing powers of precious gems are here to navigate.

Precious Stones List

  • Tree Agate

    Tree Agate

    How to take out the best out of tree agate?

    To extract the best results out of tree agate one should meditate with it. Apart from meditating there are several other ways also which can give the best results. The person should carry a piece of tree agate in the wallet. They can also put it in the night stand so that the healing and protective properties of tree agate remain close to your aura. When the tree agate is around you it boosts the health of your plants which makes the environment peaceful and brings in the positive energy. One should understand that by harnessing the properties and energies of the tree agate the person possessing the tree agate will be more balanced in life. Combination of tree agate with several other stones also yields best results as it makes the crystal more powerful.


    After reading the properties of the tree agate, one gets to understand that tree agate makes you feel more connected to the nature. It helps the person in communicating with the nature. It brings peace not only within you but in your surroundings also. This stone removes the blockages which prevent the free flow of energies into you. By removing the blockages the stone helps you to open to the flow of wealth and abundance. This stone will prove beneficial in making you more preserving and patient. It removes the arrogance, makes you more humble and full of gratitude. The properties of the stone make your heart gentle. It makes you more stable, mature and composed.

    Also, by carrying tree agate you will feel more confidence and there will be sense of security in you. It makes you feel happy and strengthens your relationship as well as boosts your self-esteem. The calm energies of tree agate help in emotional healing too.

    It keeps you focused towards the positive energy by removing the negative energy from around you in all aspects especially as far as relationships are concerned. It infuses love in your heart and gives a different feeling of happiness, inspiration and satisfaction.

    Usage of tree agate also helps in easing out the relationship problems with the children. In true sense, the tree agate is quiet, simple yet magical.

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