Cintamani Loose Gemstone Collection

Cintamani loose gemstone is an ancient stone. It is identified by its green or deep lavender color. The loose Cintamani gemstone is a mysterious stone with many stories, and beliefs attached to its existence. Some belief the loose CIntamani stone to be a tektite, while others call it a meteorite. Some value it as a form of obsidian while others remark it as volcanic glass. 

Natural loose Cintamani stone is highly revered in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Shintoism. Its name translates to the wishing stone. 

Cintamani is also known by the name Saffordite. 

Metaphysical Properties of Natural Saffordite Raw Loose Gemstone    

Saffordite brown rough loose gemstone is mostly used for spiritual and religious purposes. Though it is an ancient stone, mysteries surrounding it have never really been unraveled. It continues to remain a mystery even today.
Even then, from what little is known of the natural loose Saffordite stone, it is regarded quite as a philosopher’s stone. It takes you on a spiritual journey beyond the realms of consciousness.     

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