Chiastolite Loose Gemstone Collection

Chiastolite loose gemstone is a strong stone that is believed to possess numerous metaphysical properties. The stone derives its name from the Greek word “chiastos” meaning cruciform. A common name for loose Chiastolite gemstone is Cross Stone. 

The name of loose Chiastolite stone is significant here because there is indeed a natural cross name embedded into the stone. It is a deep brown stone with a natural black cross found in the middle.
In ancient times, natural loose Chiastolite stone was highly revered as a symbol from God and thus was valued for its highly protective qualities.

Chiastolite brown fancy loose gemstone is primarily mined from Australia, Sri Lanka, Spain, France, China, Russia, Chile, Brazil, Canada, and the United States. 

Metaphysical Properties of Chiastolite Brown Cabochon Fancy Loose Gemstone    

Chiastolite fancy loose gemstone has a highly protective vibration which in ancient times was used to ward off evil. Today, it is believed to be a stone of harmony and balance. It helps to counter disagreements of people with varying ideas. It helps transform attitude and bring forward a more harmonious agreement. 

If you are interested in taking a spiritual journey, this stone will help you reach there. The stone helps to learn about the akashic records while keeping you always grounded. It boosts creativity, works as a problem-solving guide, and improves analytical abilities.  

It is believed to be a comforting stone if you are suffering from some illness. 

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