Howlite Loose Gemstone Collection

Howlite is essentially composed of hydrous calcium borate and has cauliflower-like heads. This mineral is often found in the colors white or light grey while the veins, which can look like a spider web, are grey, brown or black in color. It is mostly opaque and porous by nature. Howlite is known by many names – Sacred Buffalo, White Buffalo, White Turquoise, Lapis Howlite, Kaolinite and also Boro Calcite.  

Howlite was first mined from Nova Scotia’s Windsor in 1868 by a Canadian geologist, chemist, and mineralogist called Henry How. It has also been found in other locations in Canada such as Newfoundland and New Brunswick. The gemstone is found in other countries as well, such as the USA, Germany, Russia, Namibia, Mexico, Turkey, and Pakistan. 

Howlite gemstone is called the stone of awareness. It leads a wearer towards a path of enlightenment and wisdom. It is believed that the stone is an especially helpful tool for meditation. It is believed that regularly using this stone also helps relieve stress and worry. 

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