Marcasite Loose Gemstone Collection

Marcasite loose gemstone is a relatively soft stone with distinctively low hardness making it, theoretically, an unsuitable stone for jewelry. However, loose Marcasite gemstone has been used for centuries in jewelry making. Its distinctive cleavages make it a sought-after stone. From the Incas of South America to the gem cutters of the Victorian Era – all have experimented with loose Marcasite stone in jewelry making. At a point in history, it evolved into a popular style called the flattened-rose cut. 

But during those times, natural loose Marcasite stone was often interchangeably used with pyrite – a stone that shares many similarities with Marcasite. Since pyrite is more stable and sturdier, they were reversibly used. At a point in history, Marcasite and Pyrite shared the same name. 

Metaphysical Properties of Marcasite In Quartz White Loose Gemstone

Marcasite in quartz white loose gemstone is a powerful meditative stone. It is believed that the stone aids in introspection and heightens one’s spiritual sense. Keeping the stone close to oneself helps to experience all the chakras within our body. 
According to most ancient beliefs, Marcasite in quartz white octagon loose gemstone acts as a talisman for acquiring courage, wisdom, and self-expression.  

When further evaluated, it is found that Marcasite aids creativity, especially for those in arts and architecture. it aids to fight intellectual fatigue and is highly beneficial for students. 

Wholesale Loose Marcasite Stones

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