Blue Scheelite Loose Gemstone Collection

With a combination of Calcite and Dolomite, Blue Scheelite loose gemstone is a unique yet rare gemstone. It is a native of Turkey and is also known as Lapis Lace Onyx. Loose Blue Scheelite gemstone has a deeply calming effect on a wearer and is thus much valued. 

The base rock here is Calcite which is the reason it has a pale color. But due to the high content of alkaline, the base is always brimming with energy. Traces of gold, cream, and yellow are found in loose Blue Scheelite stone which indicates the presence of Scheelite. The blue stripes are due to the presence of blue dolomite. 

Why Buy Natural Loose Blue Scheelite Stone?

Buy loose Blue Scheelite stone because it helps deepens our consciousness. It acts as a foundation for us to make a deeper connection with our souls. If you are seeking to connect with Higher Selves, this is the stone that will guide you. 

This stone has an incredible ability that allows our minds to view things from a new perspective. It allows us to see the bigger picture of things. It helps us to thrive in life as it forms a loving and supportive base for our inner self. 
It also activates the Crown and Throat chakra. 

Where to Find Loose Blue Scheelite Gemstones for Sale?

As a delicate and highly meditative stone, Blue Scheelite is helpful in many ways. If you believe in the transcendental, you must buy Blue Scheelite loose gemstones that are for sale right now. 

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