Montana Agate Loose Gemstone Collection

A beautiful variety of Chalcedony, loose Montana Agate gemstone is exclusively mined from the alluvial gavels of the Yellowstone River. Its chief characteristics are the presence of black manganese oxide and red iron oxide. You can also see semitransparent, grey nodules of Chalcedony on any loose Montana Agate stone. Sometimes this stone is also known as Iris Agate or Moss Agate. The interesting thing about this stone is that you can easily cut and polish it to make beautiful gemstone jewelry. It is its hardness that makes it relatively easy to use natural Montana Agate gemstone to make sparkling jewelry items.  


Healing Properties of Montana Agate    

Natural loose Montana Agate stone has numerous healing properties that make it one not just the perfect stone for jewelry making but also for believers. The stone helps to strengthen one’s connection with the Earth. It also helps to amplify one’s personal power. 

When you keep semi precious gemstone Montana Agate close to you, it promotes maturity, composure and inner stability. Its powerful energies strengthen self-control and help abstain from desires that have an unhealthy effect on you. The stone helps you to hone your intellectual capabilities and also rekindles your desire for relationships and love. 

Buy Wholesale Loose Montana Agate Stones    

You may find many online stores putting loose Montana Agate for sale but not all are authentic. To buy Loose Montana Agate stone visit Gemexi as we have the best quality stones that have directly been sourced from the Yellowstone River mines. Whenever you shop from our stone, not only do you get the best price on loose Montana Agate stone for sale but also get high quality stones. 
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