Lapis Lazuli Loose Gemstone Collection

Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful creation of nature which is composed of Lazurite, calcite, pyrite and sodalite. It is commonly found in the colors of purple and deep blue. In fact, it is because of its color that it has been so named. Lapis Lazuli loose gemstone has a rich history. There are many evidences that it was in use during the Ancient Egyptian times. Artists used loose Lapis Lazuli gemstone to make color pigments for their paintings. It was also used in makeup and to make elixirs.

Healing Properties of Natural Loose Lapis Lazuli Stone

There are many healing and metaphysical properties of this marvelous stone. Natural Lapis Lazuli gemstone has been created by nature to guard against psychic attacks. It also works as a stress buster while bringing inner peace. If you are seeking inner self-knowledge and harmony, the natural Lapis Lazuli gemstone is just want you need. The powers of this stone manifests itself in more ways. It brings objectivity, clarity, and confidence in a person.

Loose Lapis Lazuli stone works wonderfully well on the Throat Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra. it also helps treat physical ailments and helps improve the immune system. It also purifies the blood.

Buy Loose Lapis Lazuli Stone

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