Malachite Loose Gemstone Collection

Malachite is a carbonated, green-colored copper-rich mineral that is believed to be part of the monolithic crystal system. It has a silky luster that increases its opacity and gives it a patterned surface. You can identify loose Malachite gemstone by its rich green color. The gemstone derives its name from the Greek word Malakos which means soft. It is this softness that makes it such an appealing gemstone.

If you plan to buy something that takes you to an ethereal land of peace, softness, greenery, and coolness, then you should buy malachite loose stones. They are the perfect example of strength embodied within softness. 

Malachite – An All-Time Healer

A natural loose malachite stone is believed to be the guardian of the heart. It is also a healer, especially of broken hearts. In case of curing physical ailments, it helps to regulate blood pressure. It is also said that Malachite keeps toxic and negative energy away from the wearer. 

Its power is deeply connected to the heart chakra, which powers the heart with energy and strength. It is also an encouraging stone as it helps you to look beyond your old trauma and, if necessary, step out of your comfort zone.

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