Astrophyllite Loose Gemstone Collection

Astrophyllite is a rare form of titanium silicate that derives its name from a Greek word which means ‘star leaf’. It is usually embedded on another stone which exemplifies its beauty as the starburst pattern simply radiates off it.  Usually found in bronze coloring or in golden brown shades, Astrophyllite’s color may slightly change depending on the metal composition inside. 

Though most of loose astrophyllite gemstone is found in Russia, some deposits have also been uncovered from parts of United States and Norway. The only problem with loose astrophyllite stone is to get it out of a mine without damaging it – this is mainly because of its rarity and difficulty in extraction. 

A Stone That’s Meant For You    

Many belief that you buy loose astrophyllite stone it is because the stone was destined for you. Thus it is imperative that you treat it well. It is believed to be a stone that helps you grow from within and also leads you towards the right path of life. It is filled with energy that motivates a wearer. Keeping a natural Loose astrophyllite stone can be a turning point in your as it can battle for you. If you want to connect with your psychic self, this stone is very helpful. The stone is closely connected to the crown chakra which helps to develop one’s spiritual and intellectual strength.  

Buy Wholesale Loose Astrophyllite Stones    

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