Turquoise Loose Gemstone Collection

Think of a resplendent blue colored gemstone and the first name that will invariably come to your mind is Turquoise. The striking blue-green to sky blue colored gemstone has been a favorite all over the world and that too for over 5000 years. Loose turquoise stone has been in use for centuries, especially by Native Americans and American South-westerns. Even today, loose turquoise stone gemstone is always in high demand because you can make anything with them – from simple pendants to elaborate bracelets – the choices are many. 

As a traditional birthstone for December, best quality turquoise loose stones are known for their cabochons, inlays and carvings. In fact the ones with cabochons are considered the highest graded ones and are preferred more to the nugget-styled beads. 

The good thing about this gemstone is that you can easily buy loose turquoise stones online. Whether you want an individual piece or want to buy loose turquoise stones in wholesale, you will get them all. 

Natural turquoise loose stone is highly in demand not just for their striking color but also because of their metaphysical properties. It is a balancing stone that keeps all the chakras aligned. Keeping Turquoise stones loose nearly also helps stabilize mood swings. It is a stone that instills inner calm. It is considered to be a perfect stone for Scorpions, Sagittarians, Aquarians and Pisceans. It is also considered a purification stone which dispels negative energy from your surroundings.   

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