Azurite Loose Gemstone Collection

Azurite loose gemstone is an extremely rare stone that is found in limited quantities. It is primarily composed using Azure, a mineral rich in copper ore. It is believed that Azurite derives its name from the Persian word ‘lazhward’ which means a distinctive blue color. In fact it is this blue color that makes it so beautiful. Natural loose Azurite stone is mined from USA, France, Mexico, Morocco, Australia, New Zealand and Namibia. 

Metaphysical Properties of Loose Azurite Stone    

Loose Azurite gemstone has many beneficial properties that enhance a person’s caliber and wisdom. Known to be the stone of heaven, it helps enhance the mental abilities of a person. It also helps in meditation. Natural Azurite gemstone guides a person towards spiritual enlightenment. It helps a person gain self-confidence, hone their intuitive capabilities and also their creativity. The semi precious Gemstone Azurite also helps to heal throat related problems. 

Buy Loose Azurite Stone     

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