Psilomelane Loose Gemstone Collection

This black-colored stone is rich in barium manganese hydroxide. One of the distinguishing features of Psilomelane loose gemstone is that there are no visible crystals on it. The name Psilomelane is also used to describe other minerals with similar compositions such as Romanechite and Hollandite. Most of the loose Psilomelane gemstone that is mined is in a Merlinite form which is a mixture of several minerals. However, typically in this gemstone you will find gray alternating bands or layers of Pyrolusite which gives it a metallic luster. You can also see deep grey and black formations with silver bandings on loose Psilomelane stone. 

Healing Properties of Natural Loose Psilomelane Stone

 Natural Psilomelane gemstoneis considered to be a magical stone by many. It has for time immemorial been used by alchemists, shamans and other workers of magic been used to heal a soul. It is considered highly effective because it has earthly and spiritual vibrationsthat helps to bring luck and magic to one’s life.  

As a spiritual stone of duality, Psilomelane gemstone symbolizes the presence of both light and shadow in our lives. This stone teaches us that accepting our inner self is the first step towards self-awakening. This stone also helps to balance muscularity and femininity that exists inside every human being.

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