Turtle Agate Loose Gemstone Collection

Turtle Agate loose gemstone is a variegated chalcedony and considered to be one of the oldest stones recorded in history. It is considered to be a powerful stone – one that protects and shields a wearer from evil. Loose Turtle Agate gemstone has been revered since Biblical Babylonian times and has now for centuries been in use. One of the top reasons for you to buy loose Turtle Agate stone is because it has such powerful metaphysical properties that can change your life for the better.

Metaphysical Properties of Natural Turtle Agate Gemstone

Believed to be the ‘Stone’, Turtle Agate has the power to protect. It shields one from bad dreams, it keeps one’s vigor alive and it also heals many physical ailments. As a spiritual crystal, it is believed to be deeply connected with Mother Nature. It is also believed that the natural Loose Turtle Agate stone is a survival stone, something that provides strength and protection. 

Buy Loose Turtle Agate Stone    

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