Conch Shell Pearls Loose Gemstone Collection

Pink conch shell pearls are pastel-colored and pretty naturally occurring pearls formed by the calcareous concretion of the Queen conch. Queen conch is a mollusk i.e. a sea snail which is edible and found in the Caribbean region. It is a rare pearl which is elusive and the probability of finding a conch shell pearl is around 1 in 10-20000 shells. These pearls have been widely used for decorative and ornamental purposes since ancient times. These pearls are fibrous, non-nacreous, and asymmetrical and grow within the pearl sac of the Queen conch. As the shell is spiral, it is very difficult to find a pink conch shell pearl that can be used for pink conch shell pearls ring, pink conch shell pearls earring or
Pink conch shell pearls pendant.
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