Chrysoprase Loose Gemstone Collection

Chrysoprase is much like sand or quartz because it is mainly composed of silica. However, there is a difference. There are deposits of nickel found in loose Chrysoprase gemstone, which gives it an easily recognizable green color. Though from its color, it may look a lot like Emerald, it is different because, in it the color is due to the presence of chromium.

Loose Chrysoprase stone is also known as Australian Jade because it is predominantly mined in Western Australia. However, it is also found in other parts such as Brazil, central Europe, North America, and South Africa. Chrysoprase means the ‘golden leek’ and is derived from Greek. The natural loose Chrysoprase stone has several metaphysical properties, making it a much sought-after gemstone. 

Metaphysical Properties of Chrysoprase    

If you are concerned about your emotional well-being, then keeping Chrysoprase close will help strengthen your emotions. As a result, you will not only be in much better control of your emotions but also be able to empathize more, love yourself better, and grow more positively. As a result, your life will be filled with vitality. It is also closely linked to the heart chakra, which helps boosts your self-confidence. 

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