Rhodochrosite Loose Gemstone Collection

Rhodochrosite loose gemstone is an attractive and powerful gemstone which is colorful, and which pulsates with electrical energy. Typically found in bright raspberry-pink or rose-red color, loose Rhodochrosite gemstonegets its color from the presence of manganese. However, since this mineral has a variable composition, often manganese is replaced by little amounts of calcium or iron. Many times, the character of Rhodochrosite changes because of the altering mineral variables. 

Natural loose Rhodochrosite stone is most prominently mined from South Africa. However, it is also found in small quantities from neighboring countries of Argentina and Peru. Some reserves have also been found in Japan, Mexico, China, Gabon, Russia, and Montana. 

Metaphysical Properties of Natural Rhodochrosite Gemstone    

The tender and loving energies of Rhodochrosite makes it a favorite among gemstone lovers. It is known to soothe the heart, comfort the soul and vibrate with frequencies that promote inner peace. It is believed to be a miraculous talisman of healing and joy. It helps a wearer embrace their right powers and rise to their full potential.

Many a times, loose Rhodochrosite stone is called the stone of the compassionate heart as it symbolizes selfless love. The gemstone strengthens the Solar Plexus and helps solve unresolved issues. It frees blockages and strengthens the bridge that connects the upper chakras of consciousness with the lower chakras of energy.

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