Scolecite Loose Gemstone Collection

Primarily a white colored stone, Scolecite is a beautiful, calming stone found primarily in India and Iceland. The stone can be identified by its thin vertical striated prismatic crystals that is formed in nodules and can also be found in massive forms. 

Though commonly found in white color, loose Scolecite gemstonemay also be colorless. Shades of pink, salmon, red and yellow have also been found on loose Scolecite stone. The word Scolecite is derived from the Greek word meaning worm and indicates its propensity to curl when put under heat.

Scolecite loose gemstone are believed to have great metaphysical powers and can transforms a person’s troubled present and take them to calmness and serenity.

Metaphysical Properties of Natural Loose Scolecite Stone 

Scolecite is a stone that directly connects with the third eye chakra. It is an intense stone but is also gentle in its vibrations and brings calm. Keeping natural Scolecite gemstone close to oneselfeventually also affects the crown chakra. It is believed that meditating with a Scolecite in the hand, a person can feel calm energies pass through their entire being. 

Buy Wholesale Loose Scolecite Stones    

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