Tiffany Stone Loose Gemstone Collection

A trade name for a variety of fluorite that are naturally mined specifically from the Spor Mountain in Utah, USA, Tiffany stone is a vivid purple colored stone that has intricate swirl patterns. It also contains small impurities primarily of Opal, Quartz, Chalcedony or Bertrandite. Apart from most popularly being as available as purple stones, black Tiffany loose stone is also found. 

Metaphysical Properties    

Tiffany loose gemstone is called a transformer – something that reveals the true nature of your soul. Natural loose Tiffany stone can vibrate and match your personal energies which makes it a much powerful stone for healing. 

If you are seeking to develop your psychic abilities, keeping an original Tiffany stone close will really help as it assists in reaching higher dimensional guidance. 

Tiffany is a popular stone especially with individuals who seek to meditate, improve their craft or want to just get in touch with their soul. It also helps in clearing your intuitive abilities, making you see things much more clearly. 

Buy wholesale Tiffany Loose Stone At Affordable Rates    

Considering the powerful energies of Tiffany stone, it is safe to say that keeping this close is always a good idea. If you are running a small trinket store, you can buy loose Tiffany stone from our stone at attractive rates. The loose Tiffany beads for sale here are all of the highest quality. We also promise prompt delivery and impeccable service. You can make small jewelry items using a Tiffany stone – such as earrings, pendants and even bracelets.  
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