Obsidian Loose Gemstone Collection

Obsidian rock is a beautiful gemstone that is formed by molten lava that had cooled so quickly that it could not turn into glass, though it is very commonly referred to as a type of volcanic glass. Loose Obsidian gemstone comes in different colors and types – the most startling is the multi-colored formation. These generally have a black base with abstract color hues. 

Why Buy Loose Obsidian Stone?     

Apart from its beauty, you can buy Loose Obsidian stone because of its powerful metaphysical properties. It is a stone that helps you connect with your spirit guides and aids spiritual communication. Natural loose Obsidian stone strongly resonates with the base or root chakra which helps to keep you grounded. The stone has for long been used by crystal gazers and shamans to closely connect with the spiritual world. 

As a protective stone, it is also truth-enhancing. It shields the wearer away from negativity and draws out tension and mental stress.  

Where to Get Loose Obsidian Stone for Sale    

Whether you are looking for wholesale loose Obsidian stones or individual pieces, you can get them all at Gemexi. We have a large collection of loose Obsidian for sale in different shapes and sizes. When you order from our site you are guaranteed not only the quality of the product delivered to you but also of promptness in service. We assure you that we will ship immediately and ensure that the products reach you at the earliest in the best possible condition.
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