Peanut Wood Loose Gemstone Collection

Peanut Wood loose gemstone is an example of petrified wood – something that has been fossilized for hundreds and thousands of years to get to its present form. Unlike other petrified wood, loose Peanut Wood gemstone is first swept by the oceans which cleanses a piece of wood and turns in into driftwood. In the ocean, this is further molded by shellfish which create small bore-like holes and tunnels in the wood. As the wood gets heavier, it can no longer float and thus sinks. In the seabed, the borehole get filled with lightly-colored sediments. Over years, more layers are added to the wood which eventually begins the petrification process.

Loose Peanut Woodstone is so-called because the lightly coloured boreholes look like peanuts that are trapped in delicious toffee. It is most significantly found in the Western Australia town of Carnarvon.

Buy Natural Loose Peanut Wood Stone    

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