Brecciated Mookaite Loose Gemstone Collection

The Brecciated Mookaite loose gemstone is a type of Australian jasper mined almost exclusively from the Mooka Creek of the Kennedy Ranges of Western Australia. As a form of Chalcedony, it is microcrystalline quartz that has several healing properties. Loose Brecciated Mookaite gemstone derives its name from the traditional aboriginal language where Mooka means ‘running waters’. It signifies the many springs found in the area. 

Loose Brecciated Mookaite stone can be identified by it is vibrant purple color. However, brecciated Mookaite yellow loose gemstone is also found as is grey, brown, white, purple-red, and orange-red colored Mookite. 

Why Buy Loose Brecciated Mookaite Stone?

Mookite is known to be a nurturing stone. It is especially helpful in dealing with stress. Brecciated Mookaite yellow pear loose gemstone is known to aid decision-making, bring peace, and overall fill the body, mind, and soul with a feeling of wholesomeness. It also aids in emotional growth. 

Many healers believe that anyone above the age of 25 should have brecciated Mookaite yellow heart loose gemstone in their possession as it aids in anti-aging. It makes the skinglow and it promotes gracefulness. As a versatile stone, it wards away negative energies and keeps distractions and negativity away from a person. 

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