Asteroid Jasper Loose Gemstone Collection

Asteroid Jaspers are usually mined when there is the presence of low tide. Jaspers have been in use since ancient times. They have a long and beautiful history. These precious stones were used, loved and respected in the earlier times for their numerous healing powers. Take for example the Egyptians who used these stones in making jewels, talismans and also in their various rituals. The Egyptians also used to make amulets out of Jaspers. They had the belief that Jaspers ensure a safe journey in life after death. There are historical references available for Jaspers that indicate that these lovely stones were worn by people of different classes, especially, by the kings, priests, and shamans, etc. It was strongly believed that Jaspers provided amazing healing as well as fortification support to its wearers. Asteroid Jaspers are believed to contain very soothing energy that is very helpful in meditation. This energy also helps the wearer to develop self-understanding as well as love. 

Asteroid Jasper has a unique orbicular appearance. This, in turn, means that it shows a round or flat ring/disc shape. The exceptional pattern on Asteroid Jasper makes it a very demanding stone. Many exciting shapes and styles can be cut out of this lovely stone.

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