Beta Quartz Loose Gemstone Collection

Beta Quartz loose gemstone has a crystal structure that is remarkably similar to that of a regular quartz. The difference lies in the fact that it has a higher symmetry but like a quartz, it occurs only on left and right-handed crystals. Loose Beta Quartz gemstone is not a popular or commonly found variety. In fact, it is so rare that only a handful of stores such as Gemexi has made it available for the public. 

Loose Beta Quartz stone occurs when a Rhyolite lava flows out and at once freezes in the underlying rocks. Beta Quartz is known for its high symmetry but has low gravity. It is not a very stable mineral which makes handling it difficult. But if you love rare and highly valuable stones, you must buy loose Beta Quartz stone.

Metaphysical Properties of Natural Loose Beta Quartz Stone

The metaphysical properties of Beta Quartz are quite similar to that of a regular quartz. It can be used to achieve greater divinity. The most common use of this stone is that it can be used to decode dreams and understand their significance. It is also used to communicate with one’s higher self. If you are looking to connect with your inner self, keeping Beta Quartz gemstone can be extremely helpful. 

Where to Buy Loose Beta Quartz Stone for Sale at Wholesale Price

If you like collecting rare gemstones, then you should surely buy natural Beta Quartz gemstones. It is a rare stone that you will find in online stores such as Gemexi. If you are looking to buy wholesale Loose Beta Quartz stones, you can place your orders here. Loose Beta Quartz are for sale. Don’t miss this opportunity.
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