Thulite Loose Gemstone Collection

Thulite loose gemstone is a pink colored variety of zoisite and is known for its rosy, pink appearance. Loose thulite gemstone is also known as rosaline zoisite, Norwegian thulite, or manganoan zoisite. It was first discovered in 1820 in Norway by Anders Gustaf Ekeberg, a Swedish chemist. The stone is named after a mythical island called Thule which is believed to be somewhere in Norway, Greenland,or Iceland. An interesting fact that you probably didn’t know – Thulite is the national gemstone of Norway.

Natural Thulite gemstone is strongly connected to the signs Taurus and Gemini. 

Metaphysical properties of Loose Thulite Stone    

Thulite has strong metaphysical properties. It is believed to be a stone that powers expression and drives passion. It gives a wearer the confidence to speak and perform publicly. It is believed that the stone is great for introverts as it helps in increasing self-confidence and makes them more outgoing. 

Natural Loose Thulite Stone improves a wearer’s ability to sympathize – in their relationships and in every other situation in life. It is also a helpful stone as it helps break destructive habits and helps fight addiction. As a healing stone, it is known to improve balance, concentration, and coordination. 

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