Herkimer Diamonds Loose Gemstone Collection

The most powerful of all the Quartz crystal, Herkimer Diamonds are the high energy seeker crystals of the world. They are beautiful transparent crystal that exhibit brilliant sparkle, spiritual energy, and solid light. Herkimer Diamonds are considered as the gateway to the universal life force that not only enhances the spiritual energy, but also acts as the physical and emotional healer.

Herkimer Diamonds became extremely popular and recognized in the 18th century after some miners discovered them while mining in large deposits and quantities into the Mohawk River Valley dolostone. Eventually, geologists also found deposits in the Herkimer County, which led to its name, Herkimer Diamonds. Moreover, Herkimer County was named after the revolutionary war General Nicholas Herkimer. The native Mohawk Indians of the area are generally known as the “People of this Crystal”.

The Herkimer Quartz stone are generally known as Herkimer Diamonds because of the reason that they look very much identical to that of Diamonds and have the shine and sparkle just like them.

The Herkimer Diamond is tremendously valuable for healing purposes. The lucidity, intensity and high frequency of Herkimer crystal make possible the process of removing energy blocks or debris.  It increases the light energy in the body that stimulates healing. It is an extraordinarily powerful crystal that can clear radioactivity, electromagnetic pollution, and stress. Herkimer Diamond makes a very good elixir too.

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