Boulder Opal Carving Loose Gemstone Collection

Boulder Opal Carving loose gemstone is formed over millions of years from decomposing rocks mixed with water that flows into cracks, seams, and cavities of sandstone (otherwise known as Ironstone). A solution of silica is also present in loose Boulder Opal Carving gemstone. 

Loose Boulder Opal Carving stone was first found in Western Australia’s Quilpe in around 1870. Even today, Western Queensland almost exclusively mines natural loose Boulder Opal Carving stone

Boulder Opal Carving brown fancy loose gemstone is among the most common ‘colors’ found in this opal variety though the stone is primarily known for its play of color. 

These gemstones are most commonly found in free-form shapes and slabs. They are often cut at flat cabochons or low domes and are used in jewelry making. 

Boulder Opal Carving brown carving loose gemstone derives its meaning from the Roman word ‘opalus’ meaning ‘to see a change of color’. There is also a Sanskrit meaning for an opal or ‘upala’ which means precious stone. 

Why Buy Loose Boulder Opal Carving Stone    

A metaphysical stone can help calm senses and look at the world with a new perspective. The Boulder Opal Carving loose gemstone is known for its unique properties of color and light. The elements of Earth present in the stone strengthens and support the inner being while the presence of water ensures that we flow freely. 

The unique qualities of Boulder Opal connect the conscious with the subconscious. It clears understanding, promotes communication, and enables clearer communication. It also clears and brightens one's aura while aiding in emotional and spiritual healing.

Where to Buy Wholesale Loose Boulder Opal Carving Stones    

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