Yellow Opal Loose Gemstone Collection

Opal is found in many varieties and loose Yellow Opal gemstone is one of them. Its distinguishing feature is of course its color which ranges from dark yellow to translucent sunny gold. Since Opals are amorphous in nature and have no defined shape, you will find loose Yellow Opal gemstone is varying shapes and sizes. It is most commonly mined from areas where Green Opal is found. It is believed that loose Yellow Opal stone has many powerful metaphysical properties. 

Healing Properties of Natural Loose Yellow Opal Stone    

As a powerful healing stone, yellow opal helps to open and activate the heart chakra. It is also deeply connected with the solar plexus chakra. Keeping natural Yellow Opal gemstone close helps to strengthen one’s will power. It increases confidence and helps focus on things that your heart really desires.  

It is believed that Yellow Opal helps instill hope. If you are looking for your soul mate, keeping this stone can prove to be very helpful. 

Loose Yellow Opal Stone for Sale    

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