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Chrysocolla Loose Gemstone Collection

Chrysocolla is a blue-green colored stone primarily containing copper. It is opaque and has a dull to vitreous luster. Though it is a Phyllosilicate mineral, traces of Cuprite, Malachite, Azurite, Quartz, and Limonite have also been found in loose Chrysocolla gemstone. 

Chrysocolla derives its name from the Greek word Chrysos which means gold and Kola which means glue. Use of Chrysocolla Stone Loose has been seen by renaissance painters who would ground the mineral to a pigmented form and used that in their artworks. Even kings and leaders used Chrysocolla as it signified the lives of the elite. 

Why Invest in Chrysocolla Loose Stones     

There are many reasons why you should buy loose chrysocolla stone in wholesale. It is believed to be an effective stone that fosters communication, transformation and also helps educators improve their craft. As a stone, it is most effective for Taurus’s, Virgos and Gemini’s. It also balances the Throat Chakra and the Heart Chakra.   

If you are looking for inner peace and tranquility, this is the stone for you. When you buy loose chrysocolla wholesale, you are manifested by calmness, honesty, hope, gentleness and sensitivity. Keeping this stone close to yourself will help you cleanse your chakras and re-energize them. If you are suffering from heartbreak or guilt, wearing this stone will help you substantially. It has also been seen that this stone helps improve communication.  

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