Kammererite Loose Gemstone Collection

Kammererite loose gemstone is named after a Russian scientist called August Alexander Kammerer though the stone is believed to have Swedish origins. Interestingly,apart from Sweden, the crystal is also found in Turkey, Finland, and Norway. Loose Kammererite stone is quite an uncommon stone that is not easily found everywhere. But if you are a connoisseur of gemstones and like to collect the best ones out there, you surely must keep a natural loose Kammererite stone close by.

Metaphysical Properties of Kammererite Cabochon Oval Loose Gemstone    

It is believed that keeping the Kammererite cabochon octagon loose gemstone at home acts as a protective charm. This stone has vibrations that help to attain balance in thoughts and actions. It has been observed that the stone keeps both sides of the brain in symmetry and thus helps lead a more harmonious life.

Wearing or keeping a Kammererite cabochon oval loose gemstone close by helps meditate. It vibrates with energies that often help contact angelic beings.

The deep purple and pinkish purple color present in the stone helps to open the third eye and crown chakra.

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