Fordite Loose Gemstone Collection

There are very few man-made gemstones that have caught our attention. Fordite loose gemstone is one such stone that though man-made has always been regarded as a natural stone because of its beauteous, colorful look. Also known as Detroit Agate and motor agate, loose Forditegemstonewas created by chance by workers in the car factories during the 1940s. Since then it has been very popular and sought after. With the changes in car manufacturing technology, loose Fordite stone is not so easily found today. Whatever is available in the market is highly valued because they are from a time when cars were hand-painted by factory workers. 

Natural Loose Fordite Stone - A Man-Made Creation    

Did you know that Fordite gets its name from the car manufacturer Ford because that’s where the first stone was ‘discovered’? Yes, that’s true. Though technically, any car manufacturing unit can produce natural loose Fordite stone, but since it was first done at the Ford Motors factory in Michigan during the 1940s, Fordite has stuck as its official name. 

The story of its invention is itself very interesting. Natural Fordite gemstone is composed of paint slag that is the residual remains of any automotive plant. Since in the earlier days of car manufacturing, muted colours were popularly seen on four-wheelers, these stones too tended to have muted shades. But during the 1960s and 70s, with the rising popularity of bright colours on cars, Fordite began to be formed in other colours too. 

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