Chalcedony Loose Gemstone Collection

Chalcedony loose gemstone is a common stone found quite easily in different parts of the world. It is usually available in different sizes - some are banded while there are also some small, tumbled stones found. Loose Chalcedony gemstone is found in different colours, commonly pink, white, grey-blue, and red. Loose Chalcedony stone in its purest form is known as Carnelian or Sard while the different colours are known by different names. 

For example, green chalcedony is known as Chrysoprase, banded Chalcedony is known as agate. Stones with red jasper specks are called Heliotrope and those with white and black bands are called Onyx. Natural loose Chalcedony stone is a large family with many varieties. Each has their own qualities and attributes which make them powerful with healing properties. 

Buy Wholesale Loose Chalcedony Stones    

As an easily available stone, you can find Chalcedony quite easily. However, there are a lot of duplicates available in the open market which you need to be careful about. Before you buy loose Chalcedony stone, you must know you are buying the right pieces. 

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