Septarian Nodules Loose Gemstone Collection

Septarian Nodules loose gemstones are fossilized stones that took about 50 to 70 million years to get to its present form. Basically, loose Septarian Nodules gemstone is fossilized mud bubblescomposed of aragonite and calcite. Most often it is coated with limestone. Presence of air bubbles in Septarian Nodules is not uncommon. Since there are many minerals present in this stone, you can find interesting textural contraststhat makes it a good item for home décor.

Often called the Dragon Stone, it derives its name from the concretion of internal cavities or cracks that makes these stones so unique and different.Natural Septarian Nodules gemstoneis mostly found in Utah though earlier it was also mined from the Gulf of Mexico and from Madagascar.

Metaphysical Properties of Loose Septarian Nodules Stone    

Believed to be a grounding stone, the powerful properties of natural loose Septarian Nodules stonehelpto strengthen a wearer’s connection with Mother Earth. It improves one’s bond with Nature and helps imbibe the nurturing qualities of the Earth. It activates the root chakra while energizing the vital forces within our body.

Many associates ‘inner awakening’ with Septarian Nodules stone as it helps build new good habits while getting rid of old, bad habits. The stone has the powerful capacity to realign one’s chakra volume and that primarily happens because of the presence of three powerful minerals. 

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