Lizardite Loose Gemstone Collection

Lizardite loose gemstone is a member of the Serpentine family and is composed of magnesium silicate hydroxide. It easily crystallizes and forms into masses, plates and fibers and is one of the most common forms of Serpentine. You can observe small flexible prismatic crystals on loose Lizardite gemstone. Pyrite is often mined alongside Lizardite.Loose Lizarditestone is most commonly found in a light lime green shade, but varieties of dark yellow stones are also mined. 

Natural loose Lizarditestone was first mined in 1955 by Jack Zussman and Eric James William Whittaker from the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, UK. That’s how it got its name. Today it is also mined from Brazil, Australia, Switzerland, United States, Russia, Slovakia, Italy, France, Japan and China. 

Metaphysical Properties of Natural Lizardite Gemstone    

Similar to the properties of Serpentine, wearing Lizardite can activate several chakras within the body. It also opens the kundalini energy which then can vibrate throughout the body. If there are energy blocks within the body, keeping Lizardite close can help open them up. 

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