Calcite Loose Gemstone Collection

Calcite is one of the common gemstones in the world, which is abundant in nature, comprising 4% of total minerals. These prismatic crystals are found in the little deposits and smudges, which are in the form of Granite and Limestone. An alternate name for Calcite stones is Optical Calcite or Iceland spar or Iceland crystals. The optical calcite crystals have an extraordinary ability to origin images, which are probably doubled image refraction, whenever a person looks through the stone. 

This rare mineral is an unusual form of cancrinite, which is used to make discrete layers. A mineral of constrained amount, cancrinite is formed in the Earth’s crust under the great pressure. It is considered as a powerful amplifier and cleanser which contain numerous types of energies. However, calcite is believed to be the most complicated mineral to be cut, due to its ideal cleavage that is in 3 different directions.

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